Google Voice and Video Service Conflicts for OS X

We've heard reports from some Mac OS X users that Eyejot stopped working for them. Specifically, that they were unable to see themselves using their built-in USB webcam. The problem may be related to some incompatibilities between Google's voice and video tools and Adobe's Flash.

Symptoms have included users no longer seeing their USB webcam device (indentified in 10.6 as "built-in iSight") in their list of video devices or it, simply, not working.

A conversation thread on the Apple discussion and support site describes the problem and offers a solution. We've observed the problem and discovered that by running Google's own uninstaller for these programs that the problem is quickly rectified.

Here's a short set of steps to follow to try this out (note: this may interfere with Google's voice and video tools operating properly – but we're here to talk about Eyejot!):

  1. Close any open web browsers
  2. Open up a Finder window
  3. Press SHIFT + COMMAND + G (this is the goto directory command)
  4. Enter in the directory: /Library/Application Support/Google
  5. Double-click on the uninstaller program found in that folder

That should uninstall the conflicting resources. Our testing showed that no reboot was required and that proper use of the webcam by Adobe Flash and Eyejot was immediately restored.